Q }What should I expect at my session? 

A }Every session starts with a pre-consultation to get comfortable, talk about the different looks that you want to achieve, fashion styling, and the hair and makeup that you ideally like. ‘Look books’ and Pinterest are available to peruse through, but feel free to bring in any photos that you’ve seen. I believe in a relaxed, but not rushed, atmosphere and don’t expect you to immediately jump into an outfit when you walk in the door. Intimate photography is about making any woman look her best in a safe, comfortable, and creative atmosphere!  Most people are a little bit nervous, but, as the sessions go on, you will relax, have fun, and really create beautiful, soulful, and exciting images.


Q }What should I wear?

A }Anything that makes you feel confident and sexy! A few suggested items are bra and panty sets, boy shorts, corsets, stockings or thigh highs (regular or seamed), babydolls, and negligees. Don’t forget jewelry (chunky necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings) and shoes! High heels accentuate the natural curve of the calf and make the shoulders and back look their best. Other items that clients have brought in might reflect their man’s favorite items, hobbies, or sports team, such as a favorite shirt or sweater, a team jersey, or a guitar! The thing to remember is that you may not do this again for a while, so having more to work with is the best option! Be sure to visit our inspiration board on Polyvore for more ideas!


Q } Where will my session take place?

A }  To ensure a unique non cookie-cutter experience, all sessions are shot on location either at your home, a friend’s home, a hotel room, a studio…even outdoors! If you prefer to shoot at home, a pre-consultation can be done in-house, otherwise there are several hotels in the San Diego and Orange County area that offer a great backdrop. Some even offer day rates if you just want to use the room for a few hours. Please inquire with the studio if you need some suggestions or are looking for a specific ‘vibe’, such as romantic or modern.


Q } Do you photograph men and / or couples?

A } Absolutely! Our session fees vary based on these type of photoshoots, so please inquire with the studio.


Q }How soon should I schedule my session?

A } The studio tends to book up a few weeks in advance, especially weekends. If you are scheduling a shoot as a wedding gift, birthday gift, or have a specific deadline, we do recommend scheduling your shoot at least 2 months prior to ensure enough turn-around time for your edit, layout of albums, and ordering of any products. We understand that not everyone is able to schedule this far in advance, so the studio has options to deliver images. Be sure to ask!!


Q }How long will my session take?

A }For your first look, your session will take approximately 2.5-3 hours (with initial hair + makeup taking about 1.5 hrs). This includes your styling and beauty consultation where we determine the look(s) that you will be doing that day. Additional looks include hair + makeup and outfit changes and could take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour each.


Q } How many photos do I get with my session, and how long does it take to get them?
A } Your final retouched session will be available within about 21 business days and produces approximately 100-150 artistically retouched images to choose from. Print orders take about a week for delivery, and albums can take up to 3-5 weeks…with the exception of the Christmas and Valentine holiday season, which could take longer.


Q } Do you touchup the photos?
A } Each artistic edit includes touching up of any blemishes on the face and body free of charge, along with softening and enhancement of the skin. More extensive retouching (such as ‘digital nip + tuck’) is available and is quoted on a per request basis…don’t be afraid to ask! We also include an additional round of special editing for each print and album purchase free of charge.


Q } Do I come with my hair and makeup already done?

A }We offer a one-of-a-kind experience that includes hair and makeup by a professional artist. If you have a set of hair extensions that match your hair color, we ask that you bring them with you (heat safe preferable). Makeup is a vital part of beauty and fashion photography. Not all products on the market are “photo friendly”. Our professional artists have over 10 years of experience working with photographers and use top quality industry brands and tools. We also want you to sit back, relax, and be pampered!


Q } Do you offer airbrush makeup and fake eyelashes?

A }Absolutely. Our artists have airbrush makeup and individual eyelashes as staples in their kit.


Q } What do I need to do to prepare for my session?

A }Before your session, practice your poses…don’t be shy! Try flipping through a Victoria’s Secret catalog or a favorite fashion magazine to study and pick out images or poses that you like. Drink lots of water and avoid salty foods about a week before, wax a few days prior, and don’t forget to consider a mani / pedi as your hands + feet will show!

On the day of your session, arrive with clean dry hair and wear loose clothing and remove your bra and any restrictive clothing before the shoot to ensure there are no marks on the skin. We have complimentary robes to wear while your hair + makeup is being done, and most hotels provide them too. Also consider bringing a small snack to nibble on….and champagne to celebrate your day!


Q }Can I bring a friend?

A }Because intimate photography is an art, we want to ensure that we capture you at your best. We do provide an all female staff as your comfort level is important to us, but prefer that you come alone to avoid distractions. It’s important for the photographer to connect with you as a client to bring out your best!


Q } Do you do any nude images?
A }This is completely personal preference, however my style is more implied nudity. I believe women should be portrayed as elegant, graceful, and beautiful therefore my images reflect that.


Q }Do you provide high-resolution images?
A } We do provide retouched images in a high-resolution format a la carte via a password-protected download link. High-resolution images are suitable for printing, emailing, etc. and are delivered with a license agreement. We also offer the high-resolution collection with our albums over $400 free of charge!


Q }Will you post my photos on your blog or website?
A } As visual artists, it’s important for us to show off our work and what we can do with everyday people (yes the majority of people on the website are clients and not models!), but we also want to respect your privacy. We do post images with your permission and a separate privacy policy is sent to each client so that you may choose the level of usage of the images. Given the sensitive nature of intimate and boudoir photography, I am very careful about images that are posted online for the public eye. Each image is chosen for the composure and content, but never crosses a line of indecency. However, if an image is posted that you are uncomfortable with, it can definitely be removed at any time.


Q }Will you travel?
A } To anywhere your heart desires! Travel fees apply (for both the photographer + makeup artists) for shoots outside of the San Diego area, so please inquire with the studio.


Q } Do you require a deposit?
A } Our policy is to not double book sessions within a day. Because each session day + time, the makeup artist, and the team is reserved specifically for you and your day, we do require that the session fee is paid in full upon booking. We understand that things happen and rescheduling may have to take place…that’s ok! We can work with you to find a suitable replacement time for your shoot.


Q } Do you offer a military discount?
A } Yes, we offer a discount for each custom session and pre-ordered products of 10%.


Q } Can I meet you beforehand?
A } Of course! Just call the studio to set up a free consultation. We also offer random open house gatherings where you can come by, ask questions, and meet the staff.